3-week mini session

JUNE JINGLE featuring Unlimited bonus classes...
Zoom whenever you want and as often as you want

Our 3-week mini session is available on an Unlimited Basis for all registered families. Come once a day, once a week, it's up to you! Out of town ? No worries...you can take a class wherever you are at anytime so there's no need to worry about missing a class.

Continue the learning and growing with us or try us out this June in our Music Together® or Rhythm Kids highly rated online classes and see why families say:

"Music together is able to engage my children much more effectively than the zoom classes that are put together by childcare."

All classes held online until it is safe to resume to in person classes.


Tuition will be per family no matter how many children attend Music Together and will also be on a sliding scale based on what works for your family. We are still committed to providing your family with the best early childhood music education and will work with you to make it work for you. 

$66 Regular Tuition Helps Keep Our Studios and Teachers Employed
$50 Reduced Tuition Helps Keep our Teachers Employed (contact Vicki)
$___ Your Tuition Let Us Know What You Need (contact Vicki)


Need a prorate...contact Vicki


More feedback about our online classes:

"MT utilizes zoom in the best manner possible. It is the most seamless toddler/preschool online class we partake in. Keep it up, and thank you!"

"I think 'the teacher' is doing an incredible job given the environment. She is organized, we know what we need before class, she moves quickly and is able to keep the kids engaged."

"Its been fun! As a teacher I have been using zoom which is new for me. You make it look easy! And I respect your professionalism and joy you bring each time we join."

"It is a very different experience, but has been a great one! Mostly, I've been surprised at how engaged S is."

"I think the instructors are doing the best they can using the new virtual platform and I appreciate all the work they put into the live class and pre-recorded videos each week...my daughter loves listening to the songs outside of class and the videos on the family portal are a nice resource especially when the weather is not good."

"I commend you all for figuring out zoom so well, quickly and creatively."



Day Session (availability) Teacher Start Register

In the Zoom Room
You and your teacher's home
Wherever You Are
location info
Sunday 8:30 AM June Jingle Angela 06/14/20 Register
Sunday 9:20 AM June Jingle Angela 06/14/20 Register
Monday 9:00 AM June Jingle Jane 06/08/20 Register
Monday 9:45 AM June Jingle Jen 06/22/20 Register
Monday 10:30 AM June Jingle Angela 06/15/20 Register
Monday 11:15 AM June Jingle Angela 06/15/20 Register
Tuesday 9:15 AM June Jingle Michelle 06/09/20 Register
Tuesday 10:00 AM June Jingle Vicki 06/09/20 Register
Tuesday 3:45 PM Rhythm Kids mini Michelle 06/16/20 Register
Wednesday 10:00 AM June Jingle Jane 06/10/20 Register
Wednesday 4:30 PM June Jingle Vicki 06/10/20 Register
Thursday 9:30 AM June Jingle Vicki 06/11/20 Register
Friday 9:15 AM June Jingle Michelle 06/12/20 Register
Friday 10:15 AM June Jingle Michelle 06/12/20 Register
Saturday 10:00 AM June Jingle Jane 06/06/20 Register