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Our spring session will begin on March 13th and will feature our new Tambourine collection, a wonderful compilation of songs and rhymes to help you sing into spring. Join us in our fun-filled and educational music program today. For tuition information, click here.





Music Together® activities are presented as informal, non-performance-oriented musical experiences and are based on a researched curriculum as to how children develop and learn in a supportive environment. Join a class with one of our trained and talented professionals and experience how babies, toddlers, preschoolers and grownups can have fun as we gather to make music TOGETHER! Regardless of musical ability, all are welcome to join the fun and learning. 

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Needham Music Studio
992 Great Plain Avenue
Needham, 02492
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Monday 10:00 AM Jane 03/25/19 Register
Tuesday 10:30 AM Jen 04/23/19 Register
Wednesday 10:30 AM Jane 03/20/19 Register
Wednesday 4:30 PM Vicki 03/13/19 Waitlist
Thursday 10:30 AM Jane 03/21/19 Register
Saturday 10:30 AM Jane 03/23/19 Register

Wellesley Square Studio
31 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02482
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Sunday 9:15 AM Angela 03/17/19 Waitlist
Sunday 10:15 AM Angela 03/17/19 Register
Sunday 11:15 AM Angela 03/17/19 Register
Monday 9:30 AM Angela 03/25/19 Waitlist
Monday 10:45 AM Angela 03/25/19 Waitlist
Monday 12:00 PM Angela 04/22/19 Register
Tuesday 9:15 AM Michelle 03/19/19 Waitlist
Tuesday 11:15 AM Michelle 03/19/19 Register
Wednesday 4:15 PM Michelle 04/24/19 Register
Thursday 9:30 AM Vicki 03/14/19 Waitlist
Thursday 10:30 AM Vicki 03/14/19 Register
Friday 9:15 AM Michelle 03/22/19 Waitlist
Friday 10:15 AM Michelle 03/22/19 Waitlist

Wayland-Peace Lutheran Church
107 Concord Road
Wayland, MA 01778
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Wednesday 10:00 AM Amy Schendel Miller 03/27/19 Register
Thursday 9:30 AM Amy Schendel Miller 03/28/19 Waitlist
Thursday 10:30 AM Amy Schendel Miller 04/04/19 Register

Weston Recreation Department
20 Alphabet Lane
Weston, MA 02493
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Monday 9:30 AM Jen 03/18/19 Register
Tuesday 9:30 AM Vicki 04/02/19 Register
Tuesday 10:30 AM Vicki 04/02/19 Register