Perfect Pitch Piano Fall

Wellesley Square Studio (location map)
Tuesday, 4:30 PM
09/24/19 - 11/19/19 (9 weeks)


Perfect Pitch Piano classes, for children ages 4-7, use singing, ear training, composition, and improvisation to inspire lifelong music making! Through individual and group instruction, students will begin to build a musical foundation of basic piano, music theory, and music reading skills that extend beyond the classroom. All classes take place at our Wellesley location. A piano or keyboard is required for at-home practice. 

  • ages 4-7 (50 minutes; 9 weeks)
  • drop off
  • guide students to audiate and play the piano
  • learn music as an aural art, i.e., "sound before sight"
  • solid foundation for developing musical literacy
  • improvise and play by ear
  • compose, read and write music notation
  • guide students to become independent music thinkers



Upcoming Meetings
11/12/19    4:30 PM Tuesday 11/12/19 4:30 PM
11/19/19    4:30 PM Tuesday 11/19/19 4:30 PM