Music Together® Spring

Wellesley Square Studio (location map)
Sunday, 11:15 AM
03/17/19 - 06/02/19 (9 weeks)


  • Birth-5 years (45 minutes; 9 weeks, fall, winter, spring)
  • The core Music Together class
  • Mixed ages based on research that these groupings foster natural, family style learning
  • Each child participates at their own level
  • Younger children imitate older children while older children boost self-esteem and confidence by leading
  • Each family receives 2 CD's and a songbook
  • New families receive a DVD as well

Upcoming Meetings
05/26/19    <None> Sunday (Memorial Day Sunday) 05/26/19
(Memorial Day Sunday)
06/02/19    11:15 AM Sunday 06/02/19 11:15 AM